Concrete Foundations
GreenBee specializes in every facet of concrete foundation construction. Through self-performing all of the associated functions; trenching, form setting, grading, reinforcement, concrete place & finish, and grinding, our concrete company consistently exceeds our customers’ construction schedule expectations.

GreenBee is currently building concrete foundations all throughout Southern California, including Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Imperial County, San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Our commitment to quality, coupled with our outstanding safety program makes GreenBee a wonderful choice for any concrete construction needs.

Production Tract Housing

Production home builders of today expect efficient pricing without jeopardizing quality, safety, and/or production yields. GreenBee is able to satisfy these expectations by maintaining low indirect operating costs, providing pricing visibility, and competitive purchasing.

Custom Homes

Custom home building companies are blown away by GreenBee’s construction schedule efficiency without losing the expected high quality craftsmanship. GreenBee is a great asset for any custom builder due to our ability to self-preform not only the foundation, but all of their custom hardscape needs.

Commercial Buildings

General contractors love the strength of GreenBee’s estimating department. As a bidding partner, we understand that it is our job to give you the best pricing possible in an effort to help you lock up the work. Once a project is awarded, job-site superintendents appreciate the competency of our field employees and supervision. There is no commercial project too big or too small.

Apartment / Multi-Family

Large multi-unit concrete foundations require attention to detail. GreenBee Concrete Construction is well versed in specialty hardware installation and experienced labor that is required to install a quality product.